The World Rally Championship Cannot Dethrone Its King

It ain’t easy. Ogier pictured.
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The dirt roads of Rally Australia have given the eternal would-be-boy-king of rallying Jari-Matti Latvala another event win and has crowned the cunning Sébastien Ogier king again. Ogier has six titles to his name now, second only to the man who made him his protege.

That Fiesta looks happier here.
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If you want to talk about a legacy, speak nothing more than of the Sébastien in the WRC. Nine titles to Sébastien Loeb, the gymnast who ruled rallying through the 2000s and Sébastien Ogier, Loeb’s former junior teammate who stepped in after him.

Rally Australia was a tough one this year, with Ogier getting the title by not crashing out of competition and Latvala getting the win the same way.

Toyota also sealed up the manufacturer’s title this season with its over-the-top Yaris, all wings everywhere.

Latvala, warping space and time to his will.
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The way things stand now, Ogier sits behind Loeb in total championships, but Ogier has done it with two teams (VW and M-Sport) to Loeb’s one (Citroën). Ogier’s going to Citroën next year. If he wins, there will be little to say he’s not the greatest ever.

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