Jalopnik has some of the best readers online. Here's Steven Harrell, aka Dusty Ventures, co-driving in the New England Forest Rally and staying completely cool when the steering wheel comes off in his driver Rory Gardiner's hands in the middle of a stage.


While we would be making some brown stains in our overalls if we were in Harrell's place, he never misses a beat. We don't doubt he was just as level-headed when the steering wheel in their TAG Rally Sport Subaru had the same problem the next day and they had to zip-tie it on. I doubt this similarly steering wheel-addled Formula Renault driver was as composed.

This is why rallying is awesome, and this is why we're proud to have you all reading and writing on this site. If you're ever following rallying, check in with Steven, as he's often leaving updates on his season, off road racing, and the WRC in our off topic forum.

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