Watch Sir Patrick Stewart’s Documentary On Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Patrick Stewart is apparently a huge racing fan and made a documentary about one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, Sir Stirling Moss. Watch it, because it's the best thing ever filmed.

Sir Stirling Moss is a hero to anyone who knows about him, and having fellow-knight Sir Patrick Stewart on hand to go riding around in a Mercedes 300SL gullwing and a brace of vintage Formula One cars is dangerously close to perfection.


At one point Patrick Stewart says, while sitting in one of Moss' F1 cars, "this beats the Enterprise, any day."

Excuse us while we giggle uncontrollably for a few hours straight.

(Hat tip to Gimmi!)

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Sack Lunch

*starts vehicle*

Stewart: "Let's get this baby on the road!"

Moss: "......"

Stewart: "Let's get going!"

Moss: "......"

Stewart: "Let's burn some rubber!"

Moss: "....."

Stewart: "...(sigh)..."

Moss: "......."

Stewart: "....Engage...."

*Moss drives off*