Watch A Bugatti Veyron Owner Hit 225 MPH On Public Road

When you own a Bugatti Veyron, seven high-speed runs on public roads will take you up to 225 miles an hour. Yes, he gets pulled over and no, we don't know how much his ticket is going to cost him.


The arrow-straight roads of the Mexican desert never looked as short as they do with this lunatic behind the wheel. The question remains: is the driver a noble lunatic for going so fast, or is he a reckless driver for doing this on public roads?

(Hat tip to: Luxury4Play)


Wow, the comments here - what a bunch of asshurt whiners. You can't tell me that at one point in your miserable lives you haven't pushed your Honda Civics or Mazda Miatas up over 80 mph's and felt pretty good/happy/ecstatic about doing it - even though you may not have had your custom Honda or Mazda racing suit with matching gloves. Were there any kids on the road - no; did they seem to have it pretty much under control - yes.

Can't wait to see that Veyron in Mexican Federale livery.