So remember the "Vanishing Point" Dodge Challenger we showed you Friday? Yeah, that one β€” the white Challenger piloted by former SCCA super-stud and now Chrysler car-macher Erich "Hair Helmet" Heuschele, with Ralph "Rambo" Gilles as navigator. It seems the "V.P." Challenger had a wee bit of trouble at turn one of Road America. Absolutely unbelievable β€” who knew they'd try to re-enact the last scene of the movie so accurately. Well, except for that whole cleaving 'tween two majorly gigantic metal monstrosities at the end of the freeway. One more shot below the jump. Although our hearts go out to these two costume-bedecked Chrysler men, you really should check out the full story from our good friends at CarDomain, click here.

[via CarDomain]