Two New Jersey Cops Were Arrested For Stealing... Bikes?

The officers were caught on surveillance video stealing bikes from a nearby city.

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Image: Cape May Police Department (Other)

Local New Jersey news outlets report that two police officers from Lower Township, New Jersey were caught stealing bikes in Cape May City, New Jersey. And no one knows why because no agency is talking.

The two officers were caught on surveillance video on Oct. 8, 2021. Images from the video show the two officers in plain clothes as if they are off duty. For some reason, around 10:30 p.m., they decided to approach a bike rack and...steal a couple of bikes.

Initially, local police asked for the public’s help in identifying the individuals. But after an investigation by the Cape May Police Department, the men were identified as being two officers from nearby Lower Township Police Department, just four miles from Cape May.

During the initial investigation, video surveillance was obtained depicting two males removing the bicycles and leaving the area. These actors were identified as Eric Campbell and Austin Craig, who are both employed as Police Officers with the Lower Township Police Department.


The two men were arrested. The case was sent over to the county prosecutor’s office. Charges were filed on both for “​​ fourth degree crime of theft.” Under the state’s code, those charges are a felony if the property taken was valued between $200 and $500, a weird area of value. And if convicted both men could face a year and a half in jail and a $10,000 fine. But they’re cops, so they’ll probably be back to work before you know it.

As to why they did what they did, no one knows. To make matters worse, the departments are being tight-lipped. The administrative captain for the officer’s home department of Lower Township Donald Vanaman issued a non statement. He says the department “won’t comment on another department’s investigation” calling the issue “ a personal matter.” What?