Drag-Racing Cops Wreck Their Cars, Maybe Their Jobs

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Drag racing on public roads is a generally terrible idea, but is a good way to get cops to chase you down and get your license revoked, your car impounded, that sort of thing. It seems at least two D.C.-area cops had the brilliant idea to eliminate the middleman and just do some idiotic street racing on their own. Unsurprisingly, this ended up in a wreck and a lot of embarrassment.

Two D.C. police cars ended up totaled in the incident, as detailed in an internal email from the police department and obtained by the Washington, D.C.-area news station Fox 5.

The email, from Sixth District watch commander Durriyyah Habeebullah has the tone of a very disappointed parent:

“Yesterday two 6D scout cars were totaled because officers decided instead of fighting crime, patrolling their beats, or engaging the community – they decided to drag race each other on Anacostia Avenue at 5 pm in the evening.


What does this say to all the members of MPD who are passionate about their job and work hard every day to make a difference. This is not fair to any of us.

What good are officers to their fellow officers if they don’t arrive safely or they total vehicles that we need to do our job.”


Fox 5's sources stated that the officers involved in the drag race and subsequent wreck were relatively new to the department, and probably new to drag racing, too, since the Ford Police Interceptors somehow ended up hitting each other head-on. The incident also took out part of a fence in the neighborhood where they were racing:

Residents in the neighborhood reported the racing cop cars hit speeds of around 60 mph in the residential area. This, of course, is an idiotic abuse of power.

Come on, dummies. Cops don’t get to drag race on public roads any more than us dumbass citizens do. Arguably, even less. Plus, don’t cops have driver training facilities they can get their patrol-car drag racing rocks off on?


Just do that. Hell, you could probably sell tickets.