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Stolen School Bus Leads Cops On Wild Chase Over State Lines

Cops chased the stolen school bus from Cincinnati, Ohio, through several corn fields and into Indiana

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
On the road to nowhere.
Gif: Law & Crime

We’ve already seen police chase runaway tractors, lairy TikTok stars, and even an elderly man caught going just three miles per hour over the speed limit. Now: a school bus.

As reported by Law & Crime, the chase was kicked off when a suspect allegedly hijacked a yellow school bus in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area at around 10 am on Tuesday, May 30.


The site reports that the 32-year-old led police on a chase through corn fields and across state lines for around an hour while he was behind the wheel of the 2001 bus. Dashcam footage of the wild chase has since been shared on YouTube, which you can enjoy for yourself below.

The bus gets pursued by countless cop cars and SUVs intent on bringing him to a halt. The bus leads the squad cars on chases across roads and off roads, as well through countless farmers’ fields and over all manner of private property.

Hijacked School Bus Leads Cops on Wild Chase Through Corn Fields Across State Lines

In the end, the bus’s rampage is finally brought to an abrupt halt by cops wielding a tire deflation device, which flattened the bus’s tires and brought the drive to a close. Once officers were on the scene, the driver was taken into custody and he has now been charged with offenses including resisting law enforcement, possession of stolen property and criminal mischief.


Through the chase, the driver also caused all manner of damage to the pursuing police cars and almost everything around him. Law & Crime adds that “multiple police vehicles were damaged” throughout the chase, along with fields and yards on the route.