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TikTok Star Starts 100 MPH Car Chase For ‘Fun’

Starting a police chase for "fun" went about as well as you would expect.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The TikTok creator sped through a red light
Gif: Florida Highway Patrol

We’ve all played GTA or Need For Speed and kicked off a police chase for fun. It’s the best thing about the games, right? But it’s not something anyone would gladly do in the real world, is it?

Well, if by “the real world” you mean the realm of TikTok celebrities, then yes it is! As it’s exactly what TikTok creator Damaury Mikula did this weekend.


According to footage released by the Florida Highway Patrol, the 18-year-old social media star lined up at an intersection in a grey Dodge Challenger. He then did a burnout before speeding through a red light.

But as the footage shows, when he pulled the reckless move he was stopped just ahead of a Florida Highway Patrol car. Naturally, the squad car pursued the TikTok star, sounding its siren and flashing its lights.


Mikula did not pull over for the officers, and was tracked back to his house.

When police caught up with the young creator, he was arrested and charged with fleeing/eluding police, according to Fox News.

The Fox News article added:

“While en route to jail, and after being read his Miranda rights, troopers say Mikula told them he was the only person in the car and knew the trooper was trying to pull him over but thought it would be okay to speed away if he got away with it.

“Mikula told troopers in his mind he is young, makes a lot of money, has a fast car and he can do whatever he wants. Troopers say he later admitted that was a foolish way of thinking and not a good way to live. Mikula added that he wanted to do something fun for three seconds and it cost him.”


Since the incident, Mikula has taken to social media to say he is “taking a break” in order to get his “mind back right”.

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