Turbos and T-tops for $6,500

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Diogenes the Cynic wandered ancient Greece looking for an honest man. You, on the other hand, need search no further than Nice Price or Crack Pipe to find a Fairlady.

Nissan Motor Company has, over the years, made some very tasty cars. It's important however not to confuse them with Nissin, the company which has, over the years, made some tasty Cup O' Noodles.


A name applied to a number of those tasty cars that Nissan-with-an-a has built is that of Fairlady, which has designated the company's sports cars for decades. It's not a name that Americans typically equate with raucous roadsters or close-coupled coupes, since it was not used here, but that doesn't mean that we're totally unfamiliar with the moniker.

In the case of today's candidate, we in the states would probably refer to it as a 1990 300 ZX Turbo despite the fact that it is badged as a home-market Fairlady Z, even carrying a Wisconsin plate reading an abbreviated version of that sobriquet. The 300 ZX, in naturally aspirated and turbo form are well-sorted and very reliable heavy duty sports cars with (especially in turbo form) exceptional performance. The VG30DETT twin turbo V6 is good for 280 bhp with the auto box, and its variable valve timing helps spread those ponies across the rev range. As noted, this car does come with the 4-speed slush box, which drops the horsepower by 20 over the five-speed manual, and makes Jalopnik commenters wonder what they're to do with their twitchy left legs. Making up for that somewhat is the smoked glass T-top panels and a stereo that the seller boldly claims will make your head pound.


Something else that might make your head pound is the fly-yellow paint job, which is brighter than a fifth grader, and is matched by a set of wheels that are also pretty fly- for a Dubai guy. Another way to describe them is looking like ass, but hey, maybe they're your cup of sake? The seller also claims that the tires are custom painted as well to match the car, but there doesn't appear to be a yellow streak on any of them so probably he's referring to them being black. Either way, you won't be seeing the rims or the rubber from behind the wheel, which is the best place to appreciate these cars. Four wheel steering and that copious helping of horsepower help you forget that this is a 3,300-lb car. That heft is weighted with a 54% bias to the front and the Fairlady does some fair understeering on initial turn-in because of that. Brakes are ABS discs all around, and these early cars had issues with rotor warping so they should be checked before purchase.


Also an important thing to check before purchase would be your bank account, making sure that there's $6,500 lying there as that's what it would take for this screaming yellow zonker to be yours. With nearly 150K on the clock, the car still looks good, and, like any fair lady you might come across, is pretty sexy in a nothing but a black bra.

But bra or no bra, is that $6,500 a price that you think is fair for this lady? Or, does that price for this Wisconsin ZX make it far from being one of Milwaukee's finest?


You decide!


Madison Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to Tempesjo!

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