Toyota Dominates the 2019 List of Cars People Keep for 15 Years

For 2019, our friends at have crunched some updated data and found the cars that people are more likely to keep for 15 years or more. It probably comes as no surprise that most of the cars on the list come from Toyota.

Last year’s list of cars that owners keep for 15 years was fairly predictable, but for 2019 iSeeCars did some analysis on over 750,000 cars from the 1981-2003 model years sold in 2018 to determine which cars are most likely to be kept for at least 15 years. Once again Toyota is the champ followed closely by Honda products. The Highlander takes the top spot because obviously there can be only one.


Of course, all of the cars on this list have a pretty good reputation for durability, and therefore owners who plan on keeping vehicles for a long time will gravitate to them. Another factor is that some of these cars may stay in the household and be passed down to other family members hence the “ownership” part can be a bit murky if the car has a new driver but stays within the family.

iSeeCars also examined which brands folks tend to keep the longest and while Toyota, Honda, and Subaru get the top three spots it is interesting to see that buyers are holding onto Mercedes and Volkswagen models for a while as well.


To read more analysis and see which sports cars and pickup trucks owners keep for 15 years or more, check out the full report at

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