These Are the Cars With the Most and Least Depreciation After Five Years

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Unless you’re buying some rare vintage sports car as an “investment,” you can expect your new ride to lose value once you drive it off the lot. But some cars retain value much better than others. Our friends at iSeeCars have put together a list of the lowest and highest depreciating cars after five years, you probably won’t be shocked at the results.

According to the study, most cars lost about 50 percent of their value within five years. However, there are a few models that consistently beat the curve.

If you have ever shopped for a used Wrangler, Tacoma or 4Runner you have seen how expensive those cars can be in the pre-owned market.


Here are the ones that depreciated the least in five years:


The best resale list doesn’t have a lot of surprises. Trucks and true 4x4 SUVs have always commanded a premium in the second-hand market, though it is interesting to see the Ram 1500 push out the Ford F-150 on this list as the Rams tend to be a big cheaper than the Ford trucks.

Now the one wildcard on this list that isn’t a truck or SUV: the Subaru Impreza. Subarus are known for their quality and resale value, and this is the only small car you can buy with standard AWD, so in areas where winter traction is important the Impreza can be a pricey option for someone looking for a used sedan or hatchback.


While your Jeeps, Toyotas, and GM trucks retain value well, other cars are only worth a small fraction of their original transaction price five years later. Here are the cars that saw the most depreciation:


Naturally, there are the usual luxury car choices that you would expect to take a hard hit with depreciation, but EVs are especially susceptible as well. Since technology changes so fast, and replacement batteries can be extremely expensive cars like the Leaf and the Volt have a hard time finding buyers in the used market.

(Once again, this should serve as a reminder that if you’re after a cheap city car or commuter that doesn’t use any gas, a used Nissan Leaf is a fantastic and underrated deal.)


Now the silver lining to the worst depreciating list is the Chevrolet Impala. Its position on the list is likely due to crossover madness, but for shoppers looking for a reliable and comfortable sedan for cheap, these can be excellent values.

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