This Weirdo Comedy Show From The 1990s Was Making Fun Of Every Car YouTube Channel

You found out the ONE TRUE WAY to protect your car from pot holes NOW?!?!?!?!?!?! Check out your custom-built VARIABLE-WHEELBASE machine!!!!!!!!! You spent HOW MUCH on a SUPRA?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! Okay, so that last one wasn’t featured on the Red Green Show, but the whole thing did seem like a send-up of present-day Car Youtube.

And despite it being a jokey and extremely 1990s Canadian TV show, it was oddly fascinating and informative. Okay, so the premises of a lot of these things were meant as humor, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t creative and interesting in their own right. Here’s a new parallel parking system:

And here’s a good way to lift your Honda Civic up to make a bizarre Canadian proto-donk (which apparently we wrote about waaaay back in 2009, but none of you were even alive then, and also, we didn’t have the clip):

But the best dang part about the Red Green Show is just how damn unpretentious it was. Red Green himself (AKA comedian Steve Smith) was down-to-Earth, earnest, and accessible. Jalopnik News Editor Erik Shilling, who grew up in Ohio, told me that he watched Red Green a bunch on his local PBS station back in the 1990s, which makes me wonder why all I got was Wishbone.

“Though I always did appreciate the Red Green show, I found it pretty unwatchable,” is how my esteemed colleague Raph Orlove described it. But that’s pretty apt for describing present-day Car Youtube, too, isn’t it?

There’s a ton more of these on the RedGreenTV Youtube channel. Just search “Handyman Corner.”


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