Honda Civic Declared Current Winner in Monster Car Wars

When reader keeble tipped us to this two photo set, we almost had a cargasm. This monsterized Honda Civic DX has set our deranged little hearts aflutter. We've tasked a pack of monkeys in the cellar to feverishly calculate how Jalopnik this thing is. Not only does the car make liberal use of duct tape as a means of body management and add giant tractor tires, but it's... hold on... amphibious. We have another pictures below the fold, but more importantly, we think we know where it came from. UPDATE: Thanks to web ninja and commenter davethebrave, we now have a gallery of pics. We urge you to dig for the golden ticket of video.


If you take a close look at the above picture, the gears will start turning. Hmm. duct tape, automobile modification which defies all logic, a lake, a bearded driver in suspenders... that dear friends is Red Green. We immediately pored over all of the episode synopsis and we think it's from The Red Green Show Episode 612 - "The Battle Call". One of the bits in the episode was an attempt by Red to modify his car to carry a boat underneath - this certainly looks like it fits the bill. Both pictures feature a boatlike structure under the car. This can only mean one thing: There is video of this car in action somewhere. To the webs! (We are praying this amphibious wonder hasn't made it's way to the shredder yet)

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