This Truck's Face Is An Xbox Controller

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Image: Great Wall
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I don’t know of a more delicate way to put it: The Shelby-tuned version of the Chinese Great Wall Cannon pickup has an Xbox controller for a grille.


The truck itself is an interesting one. It comes from a company called Great Wall, which is fair to describe as the most prominent domestic pickup truck manufacturer in China. Great Wall also has a few sub-brands, including the EV/compact car Ora, which makes adorable designs that sometimes look like Smarts and sometimes look like overgrown VW Bugs.

This pickup from Great Wall itself is called the Cannon and is in the sort of style of a Chevy Colorado or Ford Ranger. This one is part of a partnership with Shelby, as car writer Greg Kable reported in April.

With the Shanghai Motor Show just a few days away, it’s no surprise that Great Wall showed off the truck’s face in full.

Image: Great Wall

A lot has been done to the truck, but it’s the visual styling that stands out, as reports. Pardon the Google Translate on this one:

As a special-edition model, the Dragon Ball Cannon basically adopts a brand-new front shape, and the visual effect is quite dynamic. Specifically, the new car’s front grille has fangs, with a competitive-style front bumper and a raised bonnet with a diversion opening. The visual effect is outstanding. At the same time, the racing stripes extending from the front bumper to the rear along the engine cover greatly enhance the sense of competition on the basis of the original model.


I myself am overjoyed that car styling has gone through so many trends and permutations that we are returning to comically shaped grilles. Maybe the days of dogbone-faced Ford Escorts are coming back.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


It comes from a company called Great Wall, which is fair to describe as the most prominent domestic pickup truck manufacturer in China.”

More dominant than you realize. Great Wall is the most visible Chinese brand in the world.

The Steed, an unashamedly Isuzu D-Max/Chevy Colorado copy, is really popular on the global markets. In fact, the Steed won South Africa’s “Bakkie of the Year” twice, beating out the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi Triton, and places among South Africa’s 10 best-selling pickups every month, constantly outselling the Nissan Navara.

The P-Series/Pao, on which the Cannon is based, is the Steed’s replacement, and is what Great Wall is planning to sell here in the /states in a few years. Aside from getting US Safety/emissions certification, they’re still working on whether to import directly from China or assemble somewhere in North America (and if they choose to import, the truck’s price will still be priced lower than it’s US competition, so the 25% tariffs won’t affect it that much) and what name to call it. GWM is currently the preferred name, but that might cause some problems with GM.