This Is How You Drive A BMW, Part 2: Onboard

The howling straight six is back, leaving rubber at the exits of closed hillclimb turns. Now you can see it onboard.


This is Garo Haroutounian in his orange E46 racer. You remember him from the totally nuts Falougha Hillclimb in Lebanon last month. Now he's at the Deir Al Qamar, and we finally have video from his GoPro. It's not the full run, but it is still outstanding.

Forget the Bluetooth-equipped, Starbucks-swilling masses. This is the proper way to drive a BMW.

(Hat tip to Jeremy F!)


Bill Caswell

Do you think his rear wing is height adjustable? It looks like that old E36 Schnitzer wing here the poles goes thru the trunk and you can set its height and as a result its effectiveness? And I still want the in-car from the first hillclimb.