This Asshat Just Drove Off With A Flat Tire In His $300,000 Ferrari

If you'd paid $300,000 for a V12 Ferrari 612 ($100-180K if you bought used), you'd change the tire if you got a flat, right? Not this New Yorker, who drove from Brooklyn to Manhattan on a torn up Pirelli and showed no signs of stopping.

Earlier today we found a V12 Ferrari 612 parked outside of Gawker Offices in Manhattan with a massive hole in the front tire. We ran into the owner, but were left with more questions than answers.


We thought that maybe someone slashed the tire, but the driver was sure the flat happened while he was on the road. We asked if it was from a pothole.

"Yeah, could be. It's because of the heat," he said. He stuck is finger in the hole and followed a slit running halfway around the rim, "It's a huge hole, isn't it?"

He then offhandedly said how he'd driven like that all the way from Park Slope in Brooklyn, a good four miles away and across a bridge.

After briefly talking to his friend in what sounded to us like Hebrew, he calmly looked over the damage on the well-banged-up front splitter, got in his Ferrari and slowly trundled away to suffer even more potholes.


If you know where this driver went, if he got his flat fixed, or how the hell he can so easily let his wheel get trashed, please let us know in Kinja below or email us at

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik

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