Someone Or Something Hates This Poor Ferrari

This morning I spotted a suspiciously low Ferrari 612 parked across the street from Jalopnik's top secret Manhattan lair. Since it's not a normal sight, I took a closer look and was horrified by what I saw. The poor car had a giant hole in the sidewall of the right front tire.

But what exactly happened? Let's look at the logical options and figure it out! As I see it, there are only three viable choices.


The owner hit one of Manhattan's trademark crater-sized potholes that also act as portals to Narnia.

A local ruffian did not like the four passenger utility and somewhat confusing appearance of the 612 and decided to punish the owner with a sizable puncture in the Pirelli.

Or, since we aren't exactly on Ferrari's good side, a dapper Italian gentleman decided to punish the owner for parking near Jalopnik HQ.


I'm not sure we'll ever know what really happened. But, if we're being honest, it was almost definitely the last one.

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