This Asshat BMW M4 Crash Is Why Cars And Coffee Gets Cancelled

This idiot losing control of a new BMW M4 over a median is why you don't try and show off when you're leaving Cars and Coffee. Actually no, there's an even better reason.


This moron was at the Cars and Coffee put on outside of the Blackhawk Museum east of the San Francisco Bay.

And while this moron was in NorCal, it was revving, crashing shit like this that helped get the legendary C&C Irvine shut down.



The only asshat here is Raphael and his poorly researched post. But coming from the guy that would do anything for hits (the classless S-Class BJ poses will not be forgotten) Im not surprised. If anyone wants to read what happened, the guy owned it and put out a great explanation on bimmerpost. It will help me be a better driver, and I suggest some of the children on this website take a look as well.…