This 2002 Porsche Boxster S Asks $11,750, Is Claimed Balls-Out Fast

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

While obviously a typo, the ad for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Boxster says it has an amazing 265-mph top speed. That would be awesome if it were true, but will its price also have you questioning the seller’s keyboard skills?

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Panther. Panther who? Panther no Panth, I’m going out! You know what also went out, your ardor for yesterday’s 2003 Ford Crown Vic LX Sport, at least after seeing its asking price. Fully 75% of you felt it too-high for a non-P71 Panther, Sport or not and there was oncoming back.


How do you classify your Porsches? Yeah I know, I stay awake nights thinking about the best way to do so too. It’s my Obsession, by Calvin Klein. I eventually ended up siloing them into the following categories: Front-Engine and Rear-ish-Engine, and then below that, the sub-categories for the latter of Air-cooled and Water-Cooled. Now I can finally sleep at night.

If you like me differentiate your Porsches between air and water cooling, you might have noticed the fact that the air-cooled cars are getting crazy expensive, while prices on the wet ones seem to be all ‘meh’ pretty much across the board. I think that makes the early wasserboxers to be some of the marque’s best values right now, and that might make this 2002 Boxster S an excellent entry into the claim of Porsche ownership.

This sliver over black 986 (first gen) benefits from being the upper-tier S model, meaning that it rocks the 258-bhp 3.2-litre six rather than the non-S model’s 217-horse 2.7, as well as the more stout 6-speed gearbox.


The early 986s did have a number of nagging issues, including cylinder sleeve problems and of course the threat of the infamous IMS failure which can turn your beautiful mill into a stationary work of art that drips Mobil 1.


I think that most of the problems were worked out by the time the S was introduced and the seller of this one doesn’t list any negatives in his ad - noting, as many a cheery peddler does, that the car runs great. It also runs on apparently new tires and has a modest 113,000 on the clock. So far, so good.


The ad also claims that the body kit - GT3-like front splitter and rockers - is a factory sport package, one that also includes suspension upgrades. I’m sure they came from some sort of factory, but I’m not so sure that fit was in either Zuffenhausen or Uusikaupunki Finland. At any rate, aside from the rear spoiler, it’s not a bad look in my opinion.

In fact, visually, the car looks pretty good, and the ad goes so far as to classify its condition as excellent, so should your name be Bill or Ted, THIS IS YOUR CAR. To let the adventure of ownership begin however, you will need to come up with $11,750 which is the asking price.


That’s slightly over what KBB calls correct for the car, but then as a group we’re a better arbitrator than KBB, right? What’s your take on this be-winged Boxster for $11,750? Does that seem like a fair price for the car, even if it can’t do 265 mph? Or, for that price would you let this S-car go?

You decide!


Oklahoma City Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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