The Ten Best Pairs Of Cars For Your Garage

As automotive enthusiasts you all know how hard it can be to pick a single favorite car. Why limit yourself to just one, then? Some things come best in pairs.

10.) Subaru WRX STI/BRZ


It’s the perfect summer/winter combo. Subaru’s rally-proven all-wheel drive system in the STI for those restless winters and the BRZ’s insanely direct steering for summer track days and autocross. Now available in a matching Yas Marina Blue hyperblue color!

Suggested By: Justin Hughes, Photo Credit: Subaru

9.) Volvo P1800/XC90


The best of Volvo then and the best of Volvo now all stuffed into one perfect garage. Best of all, if/when the P1800 breaks down, you have a solid tow vehicle ready!

Suggested By: Sjubbdubb, Photo Credit: Volvo/Jeremy via Flickr

8.) Ford Raptor/GT350R


They’re two very angry American cars just waiting to be tamed. One for that pure ‘Murica on-track driving experience and the other to tackle anything and everything that might jump in your path.

Suggested By: Titan-E34, Photo Credit: Ford

7.) Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600/SLS AMG Black Series


These are the two furthest ends of the Mercedes-Benz product line. The Maybach S600 has one of the most luxurious interiors on the luxury car market while the SLS AMG Black Series is a completely full-on and brutal AMG track car. And as reader wakers01 proclaimed:

One for me to drive, and one for someone else to drive me around in.


Suggested By: wakers01, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz/Axion23 via Flickr

6.) Toyota AE86/Nissan 240Z


Everyone needs a ‘70s/’80s Japanese sports car once in a while. For some people, it can be the perfect dynamic duo. I’ll let reader Yuranium explain from his experience.

AE86 GTS and Nissan S30. One is basically a Miata with a fixed roof, backseat and usable trunk, and the other is classically beautiful sports car with a big fuel-injected 170hp inline six that loves to stretch its legs, and well-balanced on its ahead of its time 4-wheel independent suspension. Both are completely usuable as daily drivers due to their incredible reliability (if maintained), and available air-con. They also have the added bonus of letting you live your Initial D and Wangan Midnight fantasies anytime you feel like it.


Suggested By: Yuranium, Photo Credit: Jeff Lange via Wikipedia/dave_7 via Flickr

5.) Singer 911/ICON Bronco


These two deliver a classic feel and experience, but with the best of today’s technology. Oh, and you don’t have to concern yourself too much with being stranded on the side of the road. Remind me why I should buy a brand new car again?

Suggested By: zanedeg, Photo Credit: Singer/Icon

4.) Porsche Cayman GT4/Tesla Model S P90D


You get one of the finest driver-centric performance experiences when you want it, then a properly ludicrous hint of the future for every other day. With the Tesla Model S’ dual motor all-wheel drive system, it isn’t unreasonable for the car to be used all year long, while the GT4 gets nice and cosy in the garage waiting for its next track day or weekend drive.


Suggested By: ScoobsMcGee, Photo Credit: Porsche/Jalopnik (P85D shown)

3.) Ford Transit/Spec Miata


Don’t be limited by the restraints that come with your average pickup. Grab a Ford Transit, tow your Spec Miata race car, throw a bed in the back and live down by the river, er, trackside at each race weekend.

Suggested By: The Devil Drives a Rotary, Photo Credit: Ford/Thomas Chichak via Flickr


2.) Porsche 959/Ferrari F40


Back when New Wave was actually cool and Jerry Garcia was still kicking around (fare you well up in heaven Jerry!), two of the most important and iconic cars to ever roll upon this earth had been born. Having either of them in your garage today would probably mean you’re some sort of insane collector, but what if you had both? And they were your only cars?

Now if only we could squeeze the McLaren F1 in there...

Suggested By: themanwithsauce, Photo Credit: M93 via Flickr/Axion 23 via Flickr

1.) BMW E30 M3/Range Rover Sport SVR


You have a BMW E30 M3 at the ready for a full-on spirited driving experience then one of the most versatile and exhilarating luxury SUVs on the market for everything else.


Suggested By: Brian Silvestro, Photo Credit: Grant C via Flickr/Land Rover

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Top Photo Credit: Ford

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