The Ten Best Cars To Make Your Ex Jealous

These ten cars will fill your ex with jealous, rage, remorse and maybe some other emotions as well.

10.) Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe


The S65 AMG Coupe delivers technology, performance, elegance and unfathomable levels of quality to its occupants. But to its onlookers? Its onlookers being your ex? They won’t even be able to comprehend its pillarless window frames.

Suggested By: burglar can’t heart click anything, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz via Jalopnik

9.) Tesla Model S P85D


The Tesla Model S P85D is the car that’ll show your ex that you’re stepping into the future and never looking back.

The P85D is also perfect for those occasions where you might encounter your ex on the street. You can slow down to make sure that they see you and become enraged with envious, love-filled, dramatic feelings. Then quickly whisk away at ungodly speeds. They’ll have no idea what happened.


Suggested By: wætherman, Photo Credit: Damon Lavrinc/Jalopnik

8.) Your Track Car


Nothing screams “I don’t need you anymore” more than the track car your ex wouldn’t let you build. They probably said it was unsafe, took too much of your time up or used too much of “our” expenses. Guess what? Doesn’t matter anymore!

Suggested By: RealPontiacFakePontiac, Photo Credit: Thompson Racing Fabrication/Erik Olsen via Jalopnik


7.) Jeep Wrangler


The Wrangler is the car that can show your ex you’re living that alternative life style you never could when they were around.

Pull that roof off, put your dog in the passenger seat and have that surfboard (also interchangeable with skis or skateboard) draped over the rear seats. Your ex will envy you and your dog. (Dog not included)


Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Jeep

6.) Mitsubishi Evo X


Sometimes it’s the sound that gets them. Reader MitsubiShe tells the story of her Evo X and her ex:

When my ex and I started dating, I had a 2006 Evo IX MR. He hated that car. He didn’t like the seats (too broad for the Recaros), didn’t like the look (too ricey), and he hated the attention it got me. He finally convinced me to sell it a few years into our relationship. He said he’d never let me drive another, because they’re “unsafe.”

So when we split, I bought my current Evo X. Actually went straight to his place from the dealer because he had called me over a dozen times while I was buying the car to come get the last of my stuff. He was livid.

Even more so a few weeks later when he saw me on the highway right after my tune (I’d just done the first round of mods). He texted me: “it’s too loud.”


Suggested By: MitsubiShe, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi UK via Jalopnik

5.) Morgan 3-Wheeler


Let’s say your ex the type of person who would always prefer to stay at home, watch the television and do other normal person things. When they catch you riding around in mismatched contraption that is the Morgan 3-Wheeler, they’ll probably wiggle their fingers and shake a fist, but only while secretly lusting for that type of excitement on the inside.

If your ex is that other type of person. The one that seeks adventure around every corner. You know, the good kind? Then a 3-Wheeler will surely rustle their feathers. They might even come running after.


Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Tavarish/Jalopnik

4.) Ford GT40


Whether it’s a replica or the original, a Ford GT40 registered for road-use is one of the most balls-out cars to be seen in. And why not spring for the Gulf livery?


Suggested By: $kaycog, Photo Credit: Luis Nieves via Jalopnik

3.) Volvo XC90


The new Volvo XC90 offers some of the best luxury a family starter could want. When your ex sees you rolling around in this, it won’t matter if you have a baby strapped to the passenger seat or your beautiful nordic wife riding around with you, your ex will know.


Suggested By: JacquesCampbell, Photo Credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

2.) Lamborghini Aventador Roadster


What better car to make your ex jealous than the official car of screaming “I made it!”

Just look at Spinelli up there.

Suggested By: TGE89, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

1.) Their Car


After that lengthy divorce, one of the most infuriating things your ex could witness you doing would be driving their own car. Or at least what used to be theirs. Whether it’s a Honda Fit or a Honda NSX, your ex better steer clear.

Suggested By: ConBroMitch, Photo Credit: Honda

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Top Photo Credit: Lamborghini via Jalopnik

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