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This Is Volvo's Idea Of The World's Most Resplendently Luxurious Baby

Illustration for article titled This Is Volvos Idea Of The Worlds Most Resplendently Luxurious Baby

Look at this baby. Look deep into his confused, cosseted eyes. He is not just a mere baby. He is a baby of Excellence. Or his leather-and-metal clad throne is Excellence, or something. Anyways, Volvo’s calling it the Excellence Child Seat Concept, and it’s the Swedes idea of the car seat of the future.


And, because the most luxurious thing in the world is A Pairing, be it a pairing of meats and wines, or cheeses and wines, or really anything in wines, this seat is not paired with a wine. It’s paired with Volvo’s other epitome of Excellence, the XC90 Excellence concept.

The idea with this one (I think, as Volvo’s a bit short on details) is not to just festoon the child’s milk and diapers in a big aluminum tray bolted to the bottom of the chair, as nice a touch as it may be. The idea appears, mainly, to be to reinforce Volvo’s position that child seats should be rearward facing as much as possible, since a baby can’t support the weight of its own head in the event of a violent, high-velocity frontal impact.

Illustration for article titled This Is Volvos Idea Of The Worlds Most Resplendently Luxurious Baby

And, accordingly, this seat faces the rear, too. Partially for safety, but mostly because I imagine it provides new parents with the laser-like focus and fear that comes with being a new parent.

Oh, and it also swivels out, because that’s what you can do when you’ve ripped out the actual front seat in your Volvo XC90.

Anyways, all I’m saying is that I want one of these, but, like, for my size. Looks comfy. And I’d be able to belt myself in and everything.


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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

That baby has no idea who that lady is. Clearly this child has been kidnaped.