Ten Concept Cars That Were Worse Than The Production Versions

Generally, concept cars are gorgeous and full of hope, and the production versions are a bit of a let down. These ten, however, are the opposite.

10.) Honda S2000


Honda didn’t change too much of the SSM concept for the production S2000, but thank god they changed what they did.

Amazing how small changes make such a huge difference.

Suggested By: Brian Stieh, Photo Credit: Honda

9.) Original Mini

It’s difficult to imagine such an iconic car looking any different than it did, but this is the first rolling prototype for the Mini.

This prototype definitely looks like the Mini we know and love, but that fascia makes it look somehow more bland.


Suggested By: Alazander2, Photo Credit: via Mini Online Museum

8.) Porsche 918 Spyder


The final version of the 918 is very close to this concept version, and yet so much better. The final version has top-exit exhausts, which is by far the best place for exhausts to exit. That alone makes it better.

Suggested By: OmegaEGG, Photo Credit: Porsche

7.) Pontiac GTO


One of the biggest criticisms against Pontiac’s GTO revival was that it looked too boring to wear the GTO name. That may be true, but I think we can all agree that it’s a good thing we didn’t get this overdone version instead.

I’ll take bland and tasteful over this monstrosity any day.

Suggested By: 472CID, Photo Credit: Pontiac

6.) Chrysler Crossfire


The Crossfire is never going to make any ‘most beautiful cars of all time’ list, but it was a pretty nifty little two-seater especially if you had the AMG V6-equipped SRT version.

Its concept, though, is kind of a different story. The late ‘90s were a weird time for Detroit.


Suggested By: JacquesCampbell, Photo Credit: Chrysler

5.) Ford Mustang (4th Generation)


Here we have the most 1993 car ever designed, the Mustang Mach III concept. It’s scary to imagine how much Ford nearly lost the plot.

We’ve come a long way.

Suggested By: CALUSA, Photo Credit: Ford

4.) Lexus LFA


The LFA might be one of the least boring cars ever made, and certainly one of the most un-Toyota cars Toyota has made.

This concept from 2005 is indeed boring, particularly by contrast. So boring, I can’t wrap my head around its incredible blandness. Happily, Toyota got their shit together for the final version.


Suggested By: Dwight Bynum Jr., Photo Credit: Lexus

3.) Bugatti Veyron


You may have thought the production Veyron was ugly, but that’s probably because you never had the misfortune of seeing the EB18/3 Chiron concept, which lost an internal design competition with what eventually became the Big Bug production car.

I struggle to imagine this tooling around Monaco, or parked in Beverly Hills.

Suggested By: smalleyxb122, Photo Credit: Bugatti

2.) Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


The new Corvette is one of the best looking cars on sale today. It’s probably the best looking Corvette other than the C2 Sting Ray. The first time I saw one, I nearly fell over.

An amazing feat considering they started with this, uh, challenging concept. How did they go from so ugly to so gorgeous?


Suggested By: JLZ06, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

1.) FWD Mazda Miata


Not only was this Miata concept (one of three design proposals) bland, it was front wheel drive! Could you imagine a world without a rear-wheel drive Miata?

It very nearly was just yet another forgettable early-90s roadster, but it became an institution. Be very happy that Mazda figured it out.


Suggested By: smalleyxb122, Photo Credit: Mazda via Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: Bugatti

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