Someone on Philadelphia Craigslist Will Give You a Free Citroën if You'll Drive Them Around a Bit

First off, I feel like I should make clear that this does not appear to be a joke, or a scam or anything like that. I’ve been in contact with the person who posted the ad, and they maintain this is all genuine: some lucky person can drive, for free, a rare and lovely Citroën XM in exchange for a bit of driving the…

The DS X E-Tense Concept Is An Asymmetric Sports Car That Sends 1,360 HP Through Its Front Wheels

The French. They’ve designed some seriously strange stuff over the years, so it’s no surprise that when PSA Group’s luxury brand let its designers craft their “dream car for 2035,” the scarf-wearing artists came up with something thoroughly wacky. What is surprising is that the brand chose to send 1,360 horsepower to