As we’ve covered before, the Copart auction site is often a great way to find cars normally ridiculously beyond your means finally within your grasp, if you’re not afraid of getting your hands a little dirty. This time, though, I’m afraid you snoozed and, as a result, loosed, because some clever go-getter has snatched up this peach of a 1999 Ferrari F355 F1 Spider, and it only needs one thing to be perfect: to not have been burned into cinders. That’s it!


You can still see the sleek, powerful lines of the F355 in any of these pictures, especially if you always admired the internal seat frames and normally-unseen muffler.

This baby is going to be a sweet, sweet ride very soon, and I’m sure whoever bought it is already making plans to show it off, that is if they can contain themselves enough not to just throw a new set of non-vaporized tires on there and just take it for a quick spin.

Damn, I could kick myself for not jumping on this sooner! Just look at that picture up there and try not to imagine yourself sliding onto what’s left of that seat, bits of rubble sensually grinding around under your ass, leaning your head back against the surprisingly robust metal of the interior of the headrest, and digging around with your hand in the dust and jagged bits of metal, feeling around for something that feels like it was once the gearshift, and letting your fingers curl around what might be the remains of the shift knob.


Let that sink in, and weep over the fact that this supreme mound of driving excellence isn’t now yours.


I’m pretty sure a good amount of that ash is part of that 3.5-liter V8, and it just needs a little TLC to get purring again. Everything is there, just in a slightly different form than before, and, okay, maybe some of it has been turned into heat and light and all that, but, come on, you’re looking at a $100,000+ Ferrari right here, and someone leapt in and picked it up for a song.

Look, if whoever bought this Ferrari is reading this, please reach out to us in a couple weeks when you get this baby back on the road—I want to see how delighted you look, cruising around in your auction-bargain Ferrari!


Okay, joking aside: why would someone buy this? It must be for the VIN, right? I mean, that’s all that’s left of this thing. A Ferrari VIN must have some strange, nefarious uses, like re-registering your old Saturn after you lost the title.

I’m open to hearing other theories, of course.

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