SEMA 2007: Plymouth GTX Wagon for 1968

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The story goes the original owner of this wagon was dismayed to find that the Plymouth GTX came out just weeks after he purchased the mighty land yacht. So dismayed in fact he took it back down to the dealer and made them option it the same as a Belvedere-based Plymouth GTX coupe. A 440 with six-pack bolted to a 4-speed get the heavy moving in modern times. We found the wagon at the Hotchkis booth, serving as a platform for a new line of sport suspensions for Mopars coming next year. We swear the lines on these wagons drifted right off sixties top fuel slingshot dragsters - or F-104 Starfighters. Sport wagons, ho!

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Wow, who would have known, today's DOTS car, and one at SEMA. Unlike some posters here, I don't hate everything. This is something that I really like (well, except for the crap wheels), and is truly something that almost anyone can afford to build. Quite unlike that mid engined Vette thing that only less endowed, but really rich guys can afford to buy.