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It's been over a month since we had a big Detroit station wagon in this series (the '77 Olds Custom Cruiser), and that's just too long! So here's a nice original '68 Plymouth Belvedere wagon I spotted parked just a block from my house. I'm a few years too young to have had a childhood filled start-to-finish with 60s wagons, and anyway my family had a van instead, but it's impossible for me not to love these things. Damned wagon-killing minivans and SUVs!


1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

The Belvedere nameplate entered the 60s affixed to full-sized Plymouths, but by '68 it was used on the midsized B-body line. Naturally, this means you can build a Road Runner station wagon without too much trouble.

1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

Even though Chrysler offered bigger wagons, this one clearly has plenty of room for a whole bunch of un-safety-belted kids in the back.

1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

The interior is a bit worn, but it looks nicely original. It wouldn't take much to get it back to showroom condition, if that's how you swing.

1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

Now that's a good-looking grille design! If Plymouth hadn't been 86'd by those mean old German bean counters, we might have seen a retro-ized version of this grille by now. Well, probably not.

1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

For some reason, dogdish hubcaps look best on old Mopars. Why is that?

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