Saleen Will Try To Sell You A 1000 Horsepower S7 Now

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In the long ago time of the year 2000, Saleen unveiled the S7. It was fast, gorgeous, expensive, and it had rumors swirling around it regarding its origin. And now, inexplicably, Saleen has announced that it will create seven limited edition S7 models called the S7 LM.


Each will make a perfect 1,000 HP from a 7.0-liter twin-turbo engine, Saleen is saying, which is 250 HP more than the original car’s output. Saleen also says that all seven examples will “incorporate a unique livery, wheel, interior, and functional performance enhancements.”

That sounds cool, right? Yes, theoretically, if Saleen were to make such a car! Though the company’s financial woes and lawsuits are enough for me to raise a healthy and skepticism-filled eyebrow high up over my forehead, to the point where it is actually on the back of my skull.


On top of that, why is a special edition S7 coming out now? It has been a long-ass time since the original S7 debuted, why the renewed interest all of a sudden? And then it’s claiming that the LM will be rated at the magical 1,000 HP? That’s like the number you pull out of the air when you’re trying to win an argument with your friends during recess.

But, if you want to try and buy one, you can go here. If everything works out, check back with me and we can go to the dyno together.