Quick Question: You Instinctively Move Your Hand To Hit The Horn In This Car. What Happens Next?

Most of us, thanks to years of muscle memory, still pound our hands squarely into the center of the steering wheel when we need to use the horn, urgently. I just like to think of the possible outcomes of that action in this car, the Lancia Orca.

I do sort of love the Orca’s novel dash and it’s re-thinking of the usual gauges and controls. The Orca was a 1982 concept, and was quite prescient in its general design, though a lot less so in the interior.


So, what might happen with a quick punch to the center of that steering wheel? My prediction: excitement. A/C and heat on full blast, wipers and lights on, hazard lights flashing, windshield washers spraying, trunk lid popping open. A freaking party, right there in the street.

That’s a much better way to get attention than some stupid old horn, anyway.

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