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One Dead After Lost Wheel Smashes Through Windshield On Indiana Highway

So that's one more thing to be terrified of while driving.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Car on its side near house after being hit with wheel
Photo: Indiana State Police

Typically, while you’re driving, you only need to be terrified of other drivers. But as we’ve learned over the years, other drivers aren’t the only things you need to worry about on the road. Maybe a wooden plank could fly through your windshield. Or perhaps a chain link will break and fly through your windshield. Heck, someone might even throw a spear through your windshield. But let’s also not forget about the risk of flying wheels coming through your windshield, either.

USA Today reports that on Monday morning, a Nissan pickup truck lost its driver’s side rear wheel while driving along Interstate 70 in Indiana. While the truck was headed east, the wheel bounced over the divider and into westbound traffic. Unfortunately for one of the drivers, it ended up hitting her windshield and demolishing her roof. The car then veered off the highway into “a steep ditch,” smashed through a fence and finally came to a stop on its side in someone’s yard.


Sadly, state police reportedly found the driver unresponsive when they arrived, and paramedics declared her dead at the scene. It’s a tragic death, and at the same time, it’s also a minor miracle that no one else was injured by the flying wheel or the resulting crash. At this time, police have decided not to release her name but have reportedly notified her family. They’ve also already found the driver of the truck that lost its wheel, although it’s unclear if they plan to file any charges in the case.

Police have said the crash still remains under investigation and that they have no plans to release additional information going forward. Which is probably for the best as the driver’s family and friends grieve her sudden death, and the driver has to process the fact that their broken wheel led to a completely innocent person losing her life.