Novitec's Latest: Ferrari F430 Bi-Compressor Evoluzione

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German Ferrari tweakers Novitec Rosso's been messing with the Ferrari F430 since it first materialized from Maranello. Its modus operandi is to stick twin superchargers on the stock V8 and see what happens. What happened previously was a peak of 636 hp. Now, with its new Evoluzione model, the company's added 20 horses via a Motronics ECU, though zero-to-60 time is static at 3.7 seconds and top speed remains a factory-listed 216 mph. The Novitec bi-compressor setup already includes water-fed intercoolers, uprated fuel injectors and reinforced drive belts with dynamic tensioners. The Evoluzione package also comes with a windtunnel-tested aero kit. No word on price, but unless you've knocked over a Brinks truck lately, don't ask.


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cgarison: Ferrari's traditional house colour is yellow, red is Italy's colour.

Retiree: Ferrari even put go-faster stripes on their own cars, the 360 could be ordered with them (at a traditionally high price).