Pistonheads Drives the Novitec Ferrari F430

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Tuning shops that tweak out the Ferrari F430 have some cojones, don't they? Imagine taking a perfectly balanced sports car and adding a bunch of aftermarket junk. Calling that logic is like calling putting your brain in a Cuisinart "thinking out of the box." For the non-purist, however, Novitec's package of carbon-fiber body parts, twin superchargers, lowered suspension, 19" alloys and ceramic Brembo stoppers bolted on a stock F430 adds up to the thinking man's supercar. Plus, the promise of 636 bhp is enough to make supposedly sane, seriously wealthy individuals act rashly. Pistonheads actually drives the thing, so read on before judging.

Novitec Rosso F430 [Pistonheads]

Coming Next Year: Hamann s 620hp Engine Tuning Kit for Ferrari F430 [internal]


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