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None More Radical: V8-Powered SR8 LM

Illustration for article titled None More Radical: V8-Powered SR8 LM

What's more awesome than a Suzuki Hayabusa-powered Radical SR8? How about one with two Hayabusa mills joined with awesome-epoxy? That's the SR8LM, a new racer from the UK's Radical. It's powered by a Powertec V8 motor and transaxle — a 2.8-liter jobbie producing 455 hp at 10,500 rpm. A four-pump dry sump system keeps things well oiled at speed. Radical says it can keep up with Le Mans prototypes on the tarmac, and costs just a fraction at £89,000. Of course, Radical makes a car for that too — the SR9 LMP 2 Le Mans prototype. And fun was had by all.


Even more Radical: 455-hp SR8LM [Autoblog]

Another Hayabusa Powered Supercar: Radical SR8; Video: Radical Round the 'Ring; New LeMans Prototype From Radical Sportscars [internal]


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Mike Spinelli

@NoneMoreBlack: It was an homage, homie.