Video: Radical Round the 'Ring

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The Radical SR8 could be one of the most economical ways to go really freaking fast and actually make a corner without testing Euclid's solution (tangents can hurt). It's powered by a lightweight, 2.6-liter V8, derived from two 1,300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engines (whoa, momma), wrapped in a LeMans-style package. As you'll see in this video — should you decide to watch it — the SR8 also holds the outright lap record around Germany's N rburgring Nordschleife. Accompanying text says it's the record-setting lap of 6:55:00, which is like running the 50-yard dash in like five seconds is to a sprinter. [Thanks to Jakob for the tip.] [UPDATE: Reader Arun adjusts our focus. The Radical SR8, which is street legal, holds the outright lap record for the 'Ring among production cars. The outright lap record overall was set in 1983 by the late Stefan Bellof, teammate of Jacky Ickx, in a Porsche 956 at 6:11.13.]


Radical SR8 on Nurburgring [via Google Video]

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