New LeMans Prototype From Radical Sportscars

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UK-based motorsports builder, Radical Sportscars is introducing a new Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2) car, the SR9, and is looking for an American privateer team with which to take on the new Porsche LMP2 RS Spider. The new prototype, designed by Peter Elleray (whose Bentley EXP LMGTP won LeMans in 2003), the SR9 uses a carbon-composite chassis, an Ricardo-manufactured transaxle (same as Audi LMPT1 cars) and a Powertec AER two-liter, four-cylinder turbo, registering 525hp. Price? Figure $259,000 plus VAT for the first four rolling chassis (three are sold), with subsequently built chassis going for $315,000 plus VAT, and $113,750 plus VAT for engine installation. That's the problem with racing — everything's an option.


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