Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The vast majority of you feel that $5,300.83 is too much for a Renault Le Car, but what happens when you consider a super-rare, numbers-matching Detroit classic… for more than seven times as much?

That's what we've got here; it's a car that only the most maniacally anti-Detroit gearhead wouldn't love. It's a one-of-three-made, build-sheet-included, 426 Wedge-powered 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury. Now, the car show judges won't like that $10,000 paint job (to please them, you need to have period-correct factory orange peel, complete with embedded Old Gold ashes that fell off the gasper clenched in the jaws of the gnarled old Chrysler paint-shop dude who shot the original paint back in 1964), but everyone else will think it looks mighty sharp. The interior is original except for the carpeting, the engine and transmission have been rebuilt, and the whole package looks to be just beautiful. You'd definitely stand out from all those dime-a-dozen Mopar B-Body guys with this big Plymouth! Thing is, $39,900 is a helluva lot of money, especially now that everyone is preparing for the Total Collapse-O-Society™, researching good recipes for pigeon stew and rat tapenade and so on. What do you think?
[Craigslist Madison, go here if ad disappears]