Mustang Driver Somehow Uninjured After Getting Wedged Under Semi, Dragged

Image: Indiana State Police

“Getting dragged” has a few different meanings these days. There’s the online kind, which happens when someone posts something they easily and advisably should have deleted long before finishing it. Then, there’s the old-school kind, like this Ford Mustang getting dragged by a semi down the interstate.

Image: Indiana State Police

The crash happened over the weekend in Indiana, when, according to a news release from the Indiana State Police, a “mechanical failure” on the Mustang sent it and its driver, Ryan Lawson, straight toward the underside of the trailer. No one was seriously injured in the crash despite photos showing some major entry into the cockpit by the side of the semi, with the release saying Lawson, 40, got out of the car himself and declined any medical treatment.

The police statement said the crash happened just after noon local time Sunday, when Lawson apparently lost control of his 1989 Mustang and went under the truck. The semi driver didn’t “immediately realize the crash had occurred,” the statement said, going another half mile with Lawson wedged under the truck.

Some forms of getting dragged are, of course, preferable to others—a little bit of shame online far outweighs traveling half of a mile down the road under your friendly neighborhood semi, but it’s best to avoid either in the first place.

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