Fernando Alonso on his way to a DNF at the most recent F1 Grand Prix. Photo Credit: Getty Images

The perpetually sad car beard man and two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso will go from running the saddest car in F1 to competing in the most under-appreciated race in motorsports, the Indy 500.

Alonso will be skipping the Monaco Grand Prix to make the race, which is fine. Itā€™s fine. What is he missing, really? A 38th-place finish? Whatever. Give Indy a shot.

McLaren says in its press release that it will be running a car, but admits ā€œthe car will be run by the Andretti Autosport team,ā€ and it will be a Dallara DW12 chassis like the rest of the field. If youā€™re having dreams of how Lotus came to Indy back in the ā€˜60s with a totally new chassis design, dash them now.

(Iā€™m sorry for sounding jaded. This is really cool.)

It will be Honda-powered, which has some synergy with McLarenā€™s Honda-powered F1 effort. Well, ā€˜poweredā€™ is a strong word.


ā€œIā€™m immensely excited that Iā€™ll be racing in this yearā€™s Indy 500, with McLaren, Honda and Andretti Autosport,ā€ Alonso presumably mumbled through the press conference. Whether or not heā€™s excited about his F1 car is, uh, a conclusion that youā€™re going to have to draw yourself.