Poor McLaren-Honda Now Has A Website Tracking How Terrible Its Car Is

Photo credit: Charles Coats/Stringer/Getty Images
Photo credit: Charles Coats/Stringer/Getty Images

It looks like Formula One’s newest crash-test missile, Lance Stroll, has some competition for being made fun of on the internet. There’s now a website that tracks how often McLaren-Honda, whose own driver jokes about how bad the car is just to bring some optimism into the room, breaks down.

That driver is Fernando Alonso, who said there was “no reliability” and “no power” in the car on Thursday. It broke down twice on Friday. Because of the, er, terrible luck—sure, that’s the word—somebody decided to track how often these breakdowns happen with a “Has McLaren Broken Down?” website.

Of course, anybody with an internet connection and a few bucks can register a website. It’s just hilarious to see that people care enough about the back luck of our favorite F1 failures to track them and keep websites updated each time they do the things they’re known for doing.


Poor Lance Stroll. Poor McLaren.

But actually, you know what? Alonso is the highest-paid driver in the series at $40 million a year. Yeah, no, not feeling bad for him or the team anymore. Not feeling bad at all.

Thanks for the tip, Dan!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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farscythe - makin da cawfee!

welp.. im still rooting for them... i love a good underdog story

and honestly... no race weekend is complete without bitter dissapointment.

(im also rooting for bottas as nothing amuses me more than a pouty hammy) (mostly i root for kimi tho)