Kinga Drives Jalopnik: Yahoo! Driver Interviews Two Jalopnik Editors

While out at SEMA a few weeks ago, two of us had the opportunity to chat with the car-azily babe-a-licious Kinga Philipps of Yahoo!/CurrentTV's Driver channel. She asked all sorts of penetrating questions about what gets our pistons pumping (yes, we've got loads of hackneyed and tired double entendres if you want them, but we think you get the picture). You can see the whole thing on CurrentTV (check your local listings) today at 2:26 PM as well as other times throughout the next few days — or you know, you could hit play above. And while you're checking it out — tell Kinga I say "Hi."


Let's Get Meta: Yahoo! Driver Asks SEMA Attendees What SEMA Actually Stands For; Yahoo! Driver's Kinga Philipps Takes FJ Cruiser Out, Comes Back SEMA- And Mud-Stained [internal]


Mike Spinelli

Don't worry, iamjames, the liposuction went well, and the media handlers assure us we'll be able to speak in complete sentences after only 36 easy lessons.