Let's Get Meta: Yahoo! Driver Asks SEMA Attendees What SEMA Actually Stands For

KInga Phillips appears to have needed a momentary break from the SEMA coverage, rolling over to let her producin' and writin' teammate Eric Ledgin take over to ask an all-important question every attendee to the world's largest aftermarket showcase should know — what the hell does SEMA stand for? For the record folks, it stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association — and prior to 1968, it stood for Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association. Also for the record, I'm totally taller than both Foose and Junior, and really — that's all that matters.


Yahoo! Driver's Kinga Philipps Takes FJ Cruiser Out, Comes Back SEMA- And Mud-Stained [internal]


Ray Wert

Actually, I was using the celebrity tag on "Kinga Philipps," as I did before. But thank you for attempting to over-inflate my already over-inflated ego.