Jason Vines To Officially Take Over Marketing Efforts For The Chrysler Group?

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The craziest man at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid is rumored to be officially taking up the marketing efforts at the Chrysler Group. We've heard PR man Jason Vines has been unofficially running the show on the ad side of the business of selling the company and the company's vehicles since "Joltin'" Joe Eberhardt was moved out of the job of dealer ops after that whole "sales bank" thing. If you remember, that was the classification given to vehicles produced but which had nowhere to go but the train behind the Best Western Greenfield Inn of Allen Park, the State Fairgrounds, Metro Airport and every other piece of open ground Joltin' Joe's minions could find to stash them. So what would this mean? Well — it'd probably mean we'll be seeing ads coming directly from Vines' ADHD-afflicted mind. So, those of you who think "Pig & Bear" was weird — ha, your ass ain't seen nothing yet. Or this could just be a rumor. Who knows.


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