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We still can't get enough of those cute little scamps from the meadow β€” Pig & Bear. They're just too...darn...adorable β€” even when being served up on a platter by the equally scampy Dodge Caliber. Well, we've talked to the creators of the little munchkins β€” better known as the good people at BBDO Detroit β€” and they've decided to honor our obsession with the lovable little rapscallions by helping us find an iPod for a contest of creativity. Want to know more? Hit the jump.

Ok, here's the deal β€” we've created a little picture frame of Pig and Bear looking awfully concerned over something their anything-but-cute friend Caliber has done or will be doing. But take note, there's a big empty thought bubble above their heads. Your job β€” if you choose to accept it β€” is to send us a photo back of the Dodge Caliber doing some kind of dastardly deed to drop into this frame. Don't own a Caliber? Well, head on down to your local dealership and set the scene up in style β€” they may not care, and we certainly don't! The only thing we care is that you make something funny, like β€” have Caliber running over the VW Fast β€” or have two Calibers dressed up as Pig and Bear β€” whatever you think is gonna get you the win. Just don't break any laws, k? The winner will be chosen by your friendly neighborhood Jalopnik editors from entries received at by Monday, June 12th at noon. And for your hard work, the winner will receive β€” in addition to us sending the winning pic over to the boys and girls at BBDO for display in their office β€” you'll also be getting a shiny black iPod Nano. Now get to work, kids β€” your nano is waiting, and you don't want someone else to win, do you?

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