We reported earlier that Joe Eberhardt, the former exec veep of the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, left Auburn Hills for the last time today. We're assuming it was with all the pomp and circumstance one would expect for an outgoing executive of his caliber. We wish we could have watched as the Tech Center rent-a-cops spared no expense in providing a truly executive send-off — and we're hopeful that the cardboard box he was given to hold all the trappings and awards the ex-exec veep accumulated over the years, was initially used to hold direct mail postcards. But in many ways, we're kind of like Joe — in that all we're now left with is our memories — the good times and the bad times. So to honor "Joltin" Joe, we've put together our favorite images of him over the years (off of an idea of autobloggin' John's we've totally expanded upon) in a gallery we'd like to call "That's What Friends Are For." Feel free to hit play on whichever version of the song makes you feel most up-lifted and read through our thoughts and messages from the time we've all spent with Joe as the Chrysler Group's sales have gone from hero to zero.


Joltin' Joe Eberhardt Jumps Ship: Chrysler Marketing Man Moved To Mercedes [internal]