Jason Is Magic? Chrysler Execs Ham It Up For Auto Journalists, We Drink

Although we're all about the parties, there does come a point where it becomes a little much — and although we've not yet hit that point, as our waistline's become more and more tight with each passing party, we're coming awfully close. So when we woke up this morning with little to no memory of what went on last night at the Chrysler Group's holiday party, we feel a sense of wooziness and an inability to explain what just happened — kind of like what Joe Eberhardt must have felt like right after he got the boot from the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. Except we haven't lost our job. Oh, and we don't have over a hundred thousand SUV's and trucks stacked up in lots across the Metro Detroit area. And did we mention we don't have a German accent? Lucky for us, we took some video last night and boy, we must have been at one hell of a party. Any time you get Chrysler veep of Communications Jason "ADHD" Vines and Frank "CarMax" Klegon, Exec Veep of Product Development up on stage doing a top ten sketch bit straight outta the old Tonight Show lineup, it's going to be funny — especially when you find a way to make fun of the hair of a certain automaking exec who's all about being business in the front and party in the rear. Check it out and see if you agree while we try to figure out how to get the pictures off of the camera too.

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