It’s Been Years And I Still Can’t Stop Thinking About The Geo Metro From Masterminds

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There are a lot of great movie cars. Fast and Furious helped make the Toyota Supra an icon, the Ford Mustang from Bullitt hasn’t left the spotlight since 1968, and Aston Martin is almost synonymous with James Bond for those with casual knowledge of either. But none of those are my favorite. Not even close.

The best movie car there is, objectively, by far, is a humble little Geo Metro from 2016's Masterminds, a story about a bunch of goofy southerners who get away with $17 million in a heist. The car in its monster-truck form comes into the picture after the group gets rich, which seems a little surprising until I realize that it would probably be one of my first purchases upon becoming a millionaire as well.

I can’t find a clip of it online—maybe you can—but here is the trailer.

The Geo Metro in this movie is the best kind of car, one that’s not supposed to get modded in a ridiculous way. It looks like someone tried to make a lifted battle car and ordered tires about five times too big, and that wing on the back is absolutely perfect for the 60-ish horsepower the car makes.


I watched Masterminds two years ago. I have not stopped thinking about this Geo Metro since. Each day, I see it in my heart and in my soul, knowing something similar will be mine eventually. It won’t happen until I have a bigger garage, but still, I can see it in every online listing I look at.

I mean, does your mind ever just autocorrect things sometimes?

Make them better than they are?


Does it just show you what you truly want?


Tease you, even?


Same. All the time.