Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Sometimes a car comes with a pedigree, sometimes it's because it was owned by a celebrity. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe croons you a tune, and it's in the key of AMG.

For this AMG mercedes ML55

If eBay is still alive

If your bid does survive

You may win. . . 

In the year twenty-oh-nine

Nice Price or Crack Pipe searches to find

Car and trucks for such a cost

That you may think the seller's sense is lost

In the year twenty-oh-oh
This mercedes truck first said hello

The seller claims it's horsepower is four hundred

He likes it better than a Cayenne, in case you wondered

Back in the year twenty-oh-oh
Mercedes got the SUV bug, don't you know
Built these things in Tennessee
And this one's engine's by AMG



Now in the year twenty-oh-nine

The seller wants fourteen grand, won't take less a dime

It's a truck that looks like a minivan

And he claims it was owned by a celebrity man

In the year nineteen-sixty-nine

Evan & Zager wrote a song all about time

About pollution, and how we are bad

It was a hit even though it made people sad


Back in the year twenty-oh-nine

Zager's mercedes is on the eBay auction line

The seller thinks with this history the value it will nudge

But we all know you'll all be the judge


Now it's a mercedes ML55

That's not too bad a truck to have when you're alive

It should be quick, should handle too

But about the cost, what will you do?

Is fourteen grand a price that's nice?

Is the celebrity history a throw of the dice?

For this truck, what would you really pay
So it's not crack pipe, and saves the seller's day?




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