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Confirming our suspicions about the Ford-NBC-Knight Rider Deal, AdAge is reporting how GM dropped the ball on picking up the Knight Rider tie-in and how Ford lunged at the opportunity. According to the article, Ford took note of the success of the Transformers film in pimping out the full line of GM vehicles and decided to buy its way in by making an offer NBC Universal couldn't refuse. Though there's no solid number on how much advertising Ford promised NBC if it used the Mustang, the co-chair of NBC Entertainment called it "enormous."


The show's executive producer also pointed out that neither the Camaro nor the Challenger were going to be out in time for the show, and that the Crossfire was going out of production &mdash though we can't imagine that anyone was actually considering the Crossfire. That left the Mustang as the most obvious domestic choice, though it has been argued that the Corvette could have fit the bill. Anyone shocked it came down to the money? [AdAge]

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