Knight Rider GT500KR's May Not Actually Be KR's

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UPDATE: The great "tip" we got apparently can be found directly in the press release handed out by Ford yesterday. Ford has been quite clear these aren't real KR Mustangs. Here's the Ford release. — Ed. All is not well in the land of Knight Rider as we hear the K.I.T.T. models that everyone was shown might not be actual KR's because most of the cast can't drive a stick. It's possible that two are stock automatic GTs converted to look like KR's and one is maybe an actual KR with an auto box swapped in. We also have it from one of our sources that there are a lot of people upset over the choice of the Mustang, but that NBC is too happy with whatever deal they have with Ford to care. The details below the jump:

This is what we have from our source:

None of theme are true Kr's...They had to be automatic cause most of the cast can't drive stick, so they had Galpin whip up some stock automatics to look KRish....and [name redacted] and the designer had expressed their problems with using the stang feeling fans would be a lil pissed and the Execs brushed them off. I spoke with [redacted] yesterday and he asked me what I thought knowing I was a fan and I told him I didn't like it...and he said "Everyone doesn't like it cept NBC"


This goes along with what we hear from another Universal Employee about all of the Stangs being automatic. What's the truth? If only there were some sort of mysterious Foundation for Law and Governance to send a lone man and a talking robot of some sort to aid in uncovering the deepest, darkest secrets.